Site Area

19,975 Sq. M.

Gross Floor Area

150,000 Sq. M

Office Area

70,000 Sq. M

Retail Area

64,000 Sq. M


Located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Beijing, Chaowai SOHO extends to the 50-meter axial green belt in the east and stretches to the No. 3 Road in the south of CBD. It reaches the Eastern Road of Dongdaqiao in the west while closely neighboring the Chaoyang Road in the north.

Chaowai SOHO covers 19,975.06 square meter of site area, and the total floor area approximately hits 150,000 square meters. As a retail and office mixed-use complex, Chaowai SOHO consists of two 11-storey circular podium buildings and one 25-storey main building in the way of occlusion. The two podium buildings are separated by 18-meter wide open shopping street, but every storey is connected by staircases, escalators and gallerias in both horizontal and vertical directions, creating a dynamic space as a whole. The retail space takes up B1-5 storey with a size of about 64,000 square meters, while the office space is about 70,000 square meters.


Seung H. Sang

Seung H. Sang was born in 1952, graduated and received his master's degree from Seoul National University and studied at Technische Universitat in Vienna. After working for Kim Swoo-geun from 1974 to 1989, he established Iroje Architects & Planners in 1989. In the early 1990s he was a core member of 4.3 Group which had a strong influence on the Korean architectural society, and has been the managing director of the Seoul School of Architecture.


Chaowai SOHO is located in the center of Beijing’s CBD and in the most concentrated business area, northwestern of Guomao Golden Cross section. Office and retail space developed in this area has taken over 60% of the total development, and its neighborhood is one of the most active business areas in Beijing.







Chaowai SOHO

No.6 B,

Chaowai Street

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100020, China